Saturday, November 15, 2008

1st post

Hello All, 
I am new to the whole "blogging" thing, but I feel like it is something that will be beneficial. I won't have to sit and watch television until my eyes glaze over, rather i can just come online and rant about things. Well, that's about it. More to come soon. 


Pucca said...

*screams* oh my god!! yeeey!!! im too excited to even yell about you not telling me you got a blog...

i like it and i shall read it and add it to my list of blogs to read. The template?? um...i give you time to get creative, i look forward to seeing something bright and beautiful.


mimi said...

this is going to be a tad awkward but i don't think you know me. i added a whole bunch of blogs to randomly follow because they looked interesting. you're more then welcome to read my blog because i am a newbie so read away.

and thanx for the advice on the template, i was thinking it looked a bit dark. haha

Pucca said...

Oh this is so sorry dear, i thought you were a friend whose nickname is also 'mimi' and she had been talking about gettin a blog for a while now. I just assumed you were her.

Quite sorry.