Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ahhh! School. I feel like i have been in this weird dazed state for a while. There is so much information being thrown at me, that i don't have time to break it down and analyze it. It is starting to get irritating. I have a long list of terms to define, events to break down, and books to read. It is kind of funny because it is Mid-November and i like the fall, aside from the freaking wind, therefore my attention always shifts to the trees and the sky. The weird thing is that i love looking at the sky, sometimes i will just be walking and i will stop and just stare at the sky for a good five minutes--more on that later. Anyways, i feel like i have been too distracted and i just can't focus on school. My motivation is gone and there are days where i will just sleep for hours and do everything in my power to stop myself from doing schoolwork. Oh, college, how you bug me so. 

A couple days ago we we were discussing globalization in my class, and it was interesting to note that a majority of our clothes were made in South Asia or South America. Many of you are saying "duh" at this point, but what interested me isn't where the clothes were made, but the discussion that came from it. This one girl in our class stated that it was necessary for people to work at sweatshops in order to pave way for their country to become richer. I was baffled, and then she cited that people in the United States worked in sweatshops during the industrialization period. That was a poor comparison and i was really mad that she would justify the working conditions in sweatshops. Lets see how you feel when you work for 10 freakin cents an hour. Argh! 

I am bored right now, and my hand hurt. =[

Oh, any tips that you may have on concentrating, tell me!!

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