Thursday, November 27, 2008


it's turkey day today. i don't celebrate it, along with many other holidays. rather then stuff myself with turkey and casserole and revisit family from thanksgivings past, i will be sitting here, typing away because my teachers all decided to have me write 10 page papers for class. oh well, hopefully everyone gets to eat tonight. usually at this time i think of the homeless, i don't know why, maybe it is the fact that when they have movie clips, and t.v shows in which families are partaking in thanksgiving and it looks so cozy and warm. i just think about all the homeless people and their life stories, and their families, and what kind of circumstances got them there. it is really depressing to see homeless people and in the same country, you have people with 5 houses which each cost over a million dollars. well, time to get to write on my paper. 

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